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ARB-3D User's Guide
ARB-3D Kit Instructions

ARB-3D Firmware v1.2.0  (1/02/2005)

  • Adjusted spin test deployment durations to actual times on the Apogee and Main events.
  • Implemented enhanced motor burnout detection for hybrid motor thrust fluctuations (requires negative acceleration for > 0.25 seconds).
  • Fix flight data file curruption issue.
  • Added new beeping status when downloading the flight data file and configuration.
ARB-3D Firmware v1.1.2  (3/25/2004)
  • Increased the deployment signal durations from 0.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Signals a channel if continuity is present only, instead of always firing the event channel.
  • Retains and beeps out the last recorded altitude when disarmed, but clears after a flight upload.
  • Improved touch-down detection to stop recording at the end of the flight. Some cases it wasn't able to detect and would continue to run indefinitely and fill memory.
  • Terminated the end of the flight file if memory becomes full. Improper termination results in a unreadable flight data. Note: Contact me for a special flight data recovery firmware file.
ARB-3D Firmware v1.1.0  (1/29/2004)

Accelo-Graph v2.1.4  (4/15/2004)

  • Calculates the descent rate.
  • Ability to save the data file to a CSV file so it could be opened in a spreadsheet program.
  • Added a menu option to launch the firmware upload program to upgrade the altimeter.
  • Real-time mouse over instantaneous values on the graph.
  • Clear all fields when loading a file.
  • User interface updates.
  • Thrust curves not graphing after a negative value.
  • Thrust units display as lbs when loaded as N.
Accelo-Graph v2.1.3  (1/29/2004)

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