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ARB-3D Altimeter

The ARB-3D altimeter is a real-time integrating accelerometer and barometer for computing the absolute values utilizing floating-point mathmatic calculations.  The heart of this altimeter uses the BasicX-24 stamp.

  • Airstart/Staging channel
  • Apogee Channel
  • Low Altitude Deployment
  • 10-bit ADC
  • Single battery low current deployment (0.6 Amps with 9v battery)
  • Dual battery high current deployment (10 Amps with 9v battery)
  • Low Deployment altitude 200 ft to 3000 ft
  • Delay from 0.0 sec to 30.0 sec in 0.1 second increaments
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Buzzer or LED status output
  • >2 g for 0.25 seconds Launch detect
  • Immune to Mach speed effects
  • +/- 50 g accelerometer
  • 40k foot MSL
  • Multiple flight data records
  • 6v-12v Power source
  • 30-35 mA Current draw
  • 1oz. weight without batteries
  • 1.25" x 4.125"
  • Available in a kit form!

         ARB-3D Kit


The Accelo-Graph software configures the settings on the ARB-3D and downloads the flight data files.  Testing the continuty and pyro channels can be tested as well as polling real-time acceleration and barometric pressure values. 

The downloaded flight data can be examined as acceleration, thrust, velocity, and altitude over time.  Zoom in on the acceleration and thrust curves for a closer examination.  The thrust curve can be exported as an .ENG file to be opened in wRasp simulation program!  The Accelo-Graph record files (.rcd) is comma delimited so it could be opened in a spread sheet program without any exporting.

Flight data Thrust Curves Configure and Test

BasicX-24 Chip

BasicX-24 is the World's most powerful BASIC programmable Microcontroller. It's all-in-one design provides a power-packed module capable of fitting in the smallest of applications. The BX-24s powerful feature set and low cost make it the perfect choice for any application or project.

  • Multitasking OS
  • On Chip Time Clock
  • Built In SPI Interface
  • Full IEEE floating point math
  • 8x 10-bit ADC
  • 400 bytes of RAM
  • 32kb of EEPROM (both storage and program memory)
  • 65k instructions per second
  • 24 Pin PDIP carrier board
  • Red and Green LED
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