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ARB-3D Altimeter

The ARB3D flight computer altimeter utilizes both an accelerometer and a barometer for optimal performance in an altimeter. The powerful processor performs real-time floating-point arithmetic for precise readings of logarithmic altitude. Not only are the acceleration and barometric values stored, the exact timing between readings are also recorded. This altimeter embeds a ‘Smart-Polling’ algorithm. This means during the ascent phase of the flight it is polling at a rate of 30 samples/second and only 10 samples/second during the descent rate until touchdown has been detected. This is to conserve memory for long duration flights or for multiple short flights without downloading the flight data.

The ARB3D has the ability to deploy 3 high current independent channels: air start/staging with configurable delay, apogee and low altitude deployment. Both the delay and altitude settings are not restricted to pre-set values, but to a range of values in increments of 0.1 seconds and 1 foot.



BasicX-24 Chip 

Inside the ARB-3D altimeters utilizes the World's most powerful programmable Microcontroller, the BasicX-24. This part was choosen because of so many packed features.  Some of the features include multitasking, full IEEE floating point math, 8x 10-bit ADC channels, 32k of EEPROM, 65,000 instructions per second and much more! This module can be purchased seperately for any custom project.


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